Safety by Design Florida is a safety education effort to promote and encourage safe behaviors to pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers. This project will lay the groundwork for future safety education campaigns for the Florida Department of Transportation District 1.

The objective is to plan, prepare, and implement a safety marketing campaign that includes safety education strategies to complement the corridor infrastructure improvements.

With new infrastructure improvements happening in Florida Department of Transportation’s District One, safety for all road users is a top priority.

The initiative is a comprehensive campaign focusing on a variety of transportation safety topics to increase public awareness which includes bridging a safety dialogue between all road users.

This campaign is heavily tied to a study being performed that is identifying and analyzing multiple risk factors, crash data and census data in an effort to proactively get the right safety message to the right person in the right community. Please stay tuned as we continue refining our approach and interacting with vulnerable users. You can click on the icons below to see our current campaigns. Stay tuned for more information and progress as the associated study moves towards completion.