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Community Traffic Safety Teams (CTSTs) are locally based, data-driven groups of highway safety advocates that are committed to a common goal of improving traffic safety in their communities. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

CTSTs are multi-jurisdictional, with members from city, county, state, and occasionally federal agencies, as well as private industry representatives and local citizens. CTST boundaries are determined by the organizations comprising the team and can be a city, a portion of a county, an entire county, multiple counties, or any other logical arrangement.

Integrating the efforts of the 4 “E” disciplines that work in highway safety, (Engineering, Enforcement, Education/Public Information, and Emergency Services) is also encouraged. By working together with interested citizens and other traffic safety advocates within their communities, the CTSTs help to solve local traffic safety problems and promote public awareness of traffic safety best practices through campaigns that educate drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and bicyclists about the rules of the road.

Each FDOT District has a full-time CTST Coordinator who works closely with the CTSTs in their geographic area. In addition, the State Safety Office has a Traffic Safety Program Manager who serves as a Central Office resource to the District Coordinators.

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